How to try cricket betting online in a safe way

Cricket Betting Online Cricket Betting Online

Cricket online betting is a very lucrative business in India and the world at large. Many gambling firms have continued to offer Indian citizens many sports they can bet on, despite the fuzzy nature of gambling in India. However, there are other problems aside from government issues.

There are many unsafe betting websites online, and knowing them is crucial for a bettor to avoid losing funds. This guide will talk about cricket betting online, top cricket events, how to bet safe of cricket, and the best bookies to bet on cricket online.

Introducing cricket betting online

Cricket is a sport that involves teams playing together in various tournaments featuring countries, not more than 16. This sport is available in virtually all bookies but has its unique betting options. Betting online on cricket is simple if you are familiar with the various wagering options which we will examine below.

Cricket odds

This term is necessary to be able to succeed in betting on crickets online. These cricket betting odds are many and come in decimal and fractional depending on the bookies used. The lower the odds, the higher the probability, while the higher the odds, the lesser the percentage of risk of probability. But don't be deceived, upsets regularly happen.

Cricket Game odds

A common cricket way of betting is the straight win option. This option is possible in four different ways. A preferred team can win, the match, lose the match, ties the match, or draws. Oftentimes, a bookie can join the tie option with the tie. Another good option is the over and under market.

Cricket betting props

Cricket betting online term is about a variety of cricket bets which are outside regular bets. These prop bets include the number of tours, the man of the match, and the highest scorer. Because of its value, these bet rates are very high.

Online live cricket betting

Live cricket betting offers some interesting options as you can decide to bet on teams based on how you can read the game. The odds on these are fuzzy though as they go up and down depending on how the games go.

Cricket Futures

This betting type is when you stake on the eventual winner of the different cricket leagues and tournaments before they start. One can also wage if a team will be eliminated early or will get to the finals.

Top cricket events in the world

There are many top cricket events that many people love to wager on and watch online. Starting from the world cup through the IPL, many attract viewers around the world. You can check News 18 for regular updates on cricket events and cricket news that can make you profitable.

ICC Cricket World Cup

This cricket tournament happens every four years and remains the biggest cricket tournament in the world. It starts from May until August giving bettors ample time to stake on events. There is much information on these tournaments online and how you can win the tournament.

Cricket World Cup Qualifiers

Though the world cup elapses in one and half months, the qualifiers take many years. These qualifiers happen in different locations and nations that want to reach the final stage. It is easier to bet online with the qualifiers as different upsets happen at good odds.

India Premier League

This is arguable the biggest tournament in Asia and arguably in the world. Also known as the IPL, it offers good betting options and some excellent values ​​on top teams. This league runs for 6 days annually and has eight clubs. Some fantastic options in this league are the overall winner, the best bowlers, and best batsman. IPL betting online is popular among Indians because it has good values.

The county championship

This cricket tournament has been around for over a century has birth world-beaters in cricket. Usually hosted between England and Wales, it remains a huge cricket tournament for European nations. It consists of 18 teams and runs for six months. You can wage on who will win the event and best overall Bowler.

ICC T20 World Cup

This cricket tournament started around 2007 and has 16 teams participating. It is usually hosted every two or four years. It has both men and women categories. There are many wagering options available at these events with good odds.

Factors to consider before choosing a cricket bookie

Many important criteria are important before choosing a bookie and learning how to bet on cricket. They include:

  • Quick banking option

This is a very important criterion as slow payments raise a red flag. Also, make sure aside from paying in many banking options, they must accept Indian rupees.

  • Good betting markets

This is a crucial factor before patronizing any cricket bookie online. They must give you many options to stake on to improve your chances of winning.

  • Positive Review

A bettor should choose a cricket betting site after checking up on reviews online. The best bookie with good reviews should be patronized.

  • Huge odds

Not all betting sites have big odds, odd is very important because your profits are based on it. Therefore, only use cricket betting sites with huge odds.

The Best online cricket betting websites

There are many cricket bookies available online, these platforms have cricket betting apps which are safe and easy to use. Here is the best you can find based on the above-mentioned factors.


This is an international wagering platform that offers good odds and markets on everything cricket. It offers good bonuses and a very safe wagering environment.

10 jack

This is a reputable betting platform for cricket lovers. It has one of the biggest odds for Indiana players. You can deposit and withdraw using Indian rupees. Their customer service is reputable and very fast in reply. Their bonuses are many and they give regular updates. There are several free cricket betting sessions at this bookie.


This Russian bookie offers many betting options on cricket and other sporting events. They have a good payout system and offer more than 200% for new customers that register. Ixbet is an international platform where you can have fun and play many bets.

Leo vegas

Leo Vegas offers good gambling services for all its members. They have good mobile apps which offer excellent gambling experiences. It is specially tailored for Indian players.

Royal Panda

At Royal Panda, you get a cricket betting platform that is flexible and highly reliable. This betting platform is home to many players around the world, and they don't disappoint their customers. It also has a cricket online betting app which works well.

Cricket is one of the most followed sports in India. Betting on your favorite teams will bring you so much fun and profits, especially when staking with real money.