The Origins of Bingo

The first game of Bingo dates back to the 16th century. “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” was first developed in 1530 and since then it has become a very popular game in Italy. Both the people living in Italy and the government were having a lot of fun as playing the game of Bingo. Moreover, bingo games have generated huge profits that were used to improve some poor areas of the country.

In the 17th century, the Italian lottery reached France and it was agreed by the population immediately. The game of bingo was played with a card that had numbers on it. Each column had 10 numbers, from 1 to 90. In addition, every row was made of four blanks and five numbers. The player who first covered all the numbers on one row was declared the winner of the game. For Canadians looking to play some bingo games then head to this link.

Another Type of Bingo:

During the 1920s, another version of bingo (beano) was commonly played in Georgia. Ten years later, Edwin Love realized that the game of Beano had a great potential. In Beano, each player had a card containing some numbered squares and surprisingly, some beans. If a number was called and they had it on their game card, they would put a bean in order to cover the number. The first player to complete a line full of beans was declared the winner of the game.

Developing the Original Game of Bingo:

After understanding the mechanics of Beano, Edwin Love, with the help of a math teacher named Carl Leffer, made a few changes to the game of Beano and also renamed it to Bingo. It was the moment when the era of Bingo has begun.

The game of Bingo has become very popular, and ironically or not, Edwin’s greatest customers were the church groups. This is strange as it looks, because 200 years ago, the Vatican clearly opposed “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”. Even nowadays, charity organizations and non-profit governmental organizations are sponsored by the church, to regularly play the game of Bingo.

The Game of Bingo in Our Days:

As the game became a huge success it lead to further development of the game and also organizers were regularly increasing the cash prizes (last news on Furthermore, we can clearly state that bingo is not just a game, but some kind of social event that generates billions of pounds across the Earth. For example, only in the United Kingdom, the game of bingo generates a total stake of 1.1 billion pounds every year; this amazing stake will definitely grow even more in a couple of years.

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