The Rules of Bingo

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Online bingo is very accessible for anyone that possesses a personal computer and a stable internet connection. However, if you are new to this game and you want to try it, you should master its rules. Do not get scared, as the rules of bingo are both easy and few. If you will master the rules mentioned bellow, you may end up as a winner after playing a game of bingo.

Basic Rules of Bingo:

First of all, each bingo game starts with the caller. The caller is the person that runs a game of bingo, by calling out individual numbers. These individual numbers are either randomly selected by choosing a numbered game card, or by picking a pall with a number on it from a box. It is obvious that this game only requires a lot of luck, but sometimes self-concentration is highly recommended.

Each of the players must have at least one game card, but if you want to increase your winning chances, you can buy additional cards. Every card will have some numbers printed in the columns and in order to win at the game of bingo, you must connect five numbers that are announced by the caller. Some types of bingo games may have different rules; for example, the five numbers on your game card must be in a specific line or they should only be the correct numbers announced by the caller.

The Importance of Understanding the Rules of Bingo:

According to our experts from, it is very important that you understand all Bingo rules before “sitting at the table”. If you do not properly understand the rules, you may have five correct numbers on your game deck, but you have them in a bad pattern. As stated above, the players who have one single line between the 5 correct numbers is declared a winner at almost all types of Bingo games. Every time a number is announced, the caller is placing that number aside so that the players can easily verify their numbers. In most of situations, the caller is also known as the judge of this game, as he is the person who claims and examines the bets. However, there are some bingo games that have another person in charge with this job. As mentioned above, the game of bingo ends when someone claims all the 5 numbers in the pattern.

Another interesting aspect about the game of bingo is that the prizes and winnings are optional. If you choose to play online bingo, always check if there are any rewards or prizes available for the winners. It is obvious that a prize in cash would be a great addition, but some people are happy enough with spending enjoyable times at the tables and socializing with other players.