The Origins of Baccarat

The First Story about the Game of Baccarat:

The first legend behind the game of Baccarat refers to a young blonde virgin performing an ancient Etruscan ritual along with nine different gods. The gods anxiously waited, while the blonde virgin was rolling a die with nine sizes. As soon as the die would land, the blonde girls’ fate was revealed. If the die would land on 8 or 9, this would mean that the blonde girl would turn into a priestess. However, if the die would land on 6 or 7, the virgin would not have any religious activities for the rest of her life. If the die would land on a number lower than six, this would mean that the virgins’ fate would be to walk in the ocean and die.

The Second Story about the Game of Baccarat:

No one knows exactly if Baccarat was first developed in France or Italy. Some are saying that the game of Baccarat was discovered by Felix Falguirerein in 1490 AD. Felix Falguirerein was an Italian gambler that used Tarot cards when he invented the game of Baccarat. These cards have been used to predict someone’s future.

Napoleon Era:

When it was invented, the game of Baccarat was illegal and only noblemen were playing it, in secret places. The Frenchmen realized that the game of Baccarat was producing great profits and the game has become legal, but all the winnings were taxed. The taxes were used to improve poor areas of France. When Napoleon was the Emperor of France, the game of Baccarat was an illegal game, and only after Napoleon died, the game of Baccarat has become legal and gamblers started playing it in casinos. The game of Baccarat has become very popular and people from all over the world starting playing it.

American Version of Baccarat:

During the 1950s, Tommy Renzoni has introduced another version of this game. This new version combined the European game of Baccarat and 'Chermin de fer' (a very popular French game). Dunes Casino was the first American casino that has introduced the game of Baccarat. Moreover, shortly after, Mini Baccarat was developed and it is the game that it is nowadays played in almost all American casinos.

Baccarat history continues to improve as the game has become popular in online casinos as well. Nowadays, there are lots of people that play online Baccarat every day. In conclusion, gamblers no longer need to visit Sin City in order to play the game of Baccarat, as they can play it from their own computer. You can discover some more information about online version on

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